5 pensieri riguardo “INGIUSTIZIE

  1. alla Roscia: la cantava BOOOOOB!!! ūüėČ

    ehil√†, pat√≤…. questa immagine e quella di prima, per una persona “amica”, non mi lasciano molto spazio alle parole, ma ai pensieri.. ti lascio un abbraccio forte.

  2. Yes we know our rights and just for this you shouldn’t be worry. Just to be aligned with other comments, there is another Bob’s song that sings these words: don’t worry, be happy. So, in most cases is very, very difficult to follow these tips, but you have a lot of friends and they can help you in your life, and if in some moments you forget your rights, they are near you to remember its.

    Hi my sweet friend. A smile


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